Discover The Simple Secret To Captivating A Man… And Make Him Fall Deeply In Love With You Forever
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… No more stalling,
… No more lack of attention,
… No more fear of commitment,
… No more pulling away…
… This simple secret will remind him he wants you – and only you.

You will remain cool under pressure and be the woman of his dreams.
Dear Fellow Goddess –
Dear Fellow Goddess –
From Nico Morrison
Author and Master relationship coach…
If you’ve ever wanted to know how to CAPTIVATE A MAN… MAKE HIM FALL DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU… commit to YOU and only YOU… this will be the most important message you ever read.

I’m going to reveal to you the one secret obsession every man craves in a relationship.

The one little known obsession that makes him commit and fall deeply for you and even obsess about you.

He craves this one desire…
  • More than money
  • More than love
  • More than sex
Knowing how to deliver this desire is the key to attracting the love, attention and devotion of your soul mate for life.

He will start seeing you in a whole new light as you tap into this primal need.

And rest assured… this will work for you…
  • Without having to resort to frustrating, desperate attention seeking tricks.
  • Without having to ignore your needs just to please him.
  • Without having to worry about saying or doing the wrong thing.
Precious few women know about this male obsession.

Even fewer are willing to share it.

Knowing this secret male desire is the key to:
  • Being the most important person in his life.
  • Having him open up to you.
  • Having him thinking about you all day long.
  • ​Having him commit to you and only you.
This secret to getting 100% devotion and even obsession from the man of your dreams works...
  • ​Even if your man seems to be losing interest.
  • ​Even if your hope is waning that he will ever commit.
  • ​Even if he does not seem to give you the attention you deserve anymore.
If you feel he’s not stepping up to give you the romance you deserve.

If you feel taken for granted.

If you feel powerless to getting the love you crave - this is for you.

Women I’ve worked with have used this secret to create the deepest love of their lives.

…When love seemed hopeless for them before.

Before we go any further… you may be wondering…
Who am I… and why you should believe me…
I’m Nico Morrison, and with advanced Psychology degrees from the Sorbonne in Paris and from Meredith in the U.S., I’ve been helping women find love, devotion and commitment from men for the past 12 years.

Before I began solving relationship challenges for women, I enjoyed an incredibly fortunate career as a C-suite executive in the fashion industry. In this dynamic, global industry, orchestrating deals often meant bringing completely different people and mindsets together.

Any number of potential misunderstandings could derail successful partnerships for months on end and cost millions in lost revenue.

It was in this environment where I first learned about the core principles of what makes a compatible relationship.

I was the ultimate relationship manager, constantly striving to create harmonious relationships between my clients.

I was literally surrounded by educated, successful, handsome men from all over the world - and I heard the same stories, the same frustrations, and the very things they craved, over and over again - whether it was in their business or personal relationships.

I dusted off my psychology degrees and started digging in - quickly realizing some universal truths with men.

As I looked around the board room, I noticed that so many times, in so many ways, women had a complete misunderstanding about how to relate to men. Including me!

I had made the same mistakes that many women had. When it came to my personal life, I grew up being taught the same lessons as all women had - to be nice, forthcoming, forgiving, and generous. And these lessons just didn’t work with getting the relationship you want.

Men would enjoy the attention and take it for granted. They would deliver promises then not commit.

EVERYTHING CHANGED WHEN… I discovered that I didn’t really understand men… and what drove them to commit and devote themselves to one woman completely.

Once I understood this one driving factor… that makes men commit… there was space for a loving, amazing man to show up in my life.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women on attracting high quality devoted partners into their lives.

No matter how bad your relationships have been… you can do the same.

To demonstrate for you how this works…
Meet Melissa…
From heartbroken to heart-centered
Melissa is one of my nicest clients.

She’s gorgeous, smart, and radiates warmth.

She had a super successful career in publishing and PR.

In other words, she was the ‘full package’ - what any man would want.

Her love life however, never took off the way she wanted.

Men loved the attention… then lost interest in her quickly as the relationship grew.

She could never get a man to commit.

She called me one night… and my heart sank as I picked up the hurt in her voice immediately.

We made an appointment to meet the next day at my office.

Her tearful face told the story of what happened.
…Yet another man had let her down…
Melissa told me about Tom.

She met Tom just 4 months ago and it was love at first sight.

He was fun, exciting, and attentive - they shared an undeniable attraction and connection together. It was absolutely electric between them.

And, Tom did everything right.
  • He called every night.
  • He planned romantic dates.
  • He listened intently and couldn’t take his eyes off her.
  • He sent good morning and goodnight text messages, telling her how he was quickly falling in love with her.
As the first few months passed and things looked serious between them…
What every woman dreads started to happen…
He started to pull away. He called less and less.

He seemed distant when she was in his company.

His long romantic text messages dwindled to a few one word answers and he seemed really distant.

After a week or two, Tom’s communication withered away to nothing.

He was just a series of mumbles and one word sentences when they were together.

One night… she mustered all her courage and asked…

“Anything wrong?”

For a moment there was his heavy silence.

He paused then said…
"I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can be the man you want me to be.”
At that moment, she found it suddenly hard to breathe as she forced the words to come out, “but... but.. why?”

“I’m sorry,” he said, “but I just don’t think I’m in love with you anymore.

The words cut her like a knife.

It was a sledgehammer blow to the gut.

She felt the sense of loss and hurt overwhelm her.

Let’s talk about it, she said.

But Tom had no words.

He felt something was missing, and he couldn’t explain it.

It just wasn’t “right.”

In the coming days her mind raced from thoughts of fear to anger and then back to fear as the questions kept racing through her mind...

Was he having an affair?

Was it me? Was there something wrong with me?
FAST forward to today - and Melissa and Tom are more in love than ever…
In the following weeks, something miraculous happened.

Tom talked about how he suddenly felt he could not live a happy life without her.

How she was the meaning in his life he’d been longing for.

And there was something different about him.

Over the next few months she noticed how he seemed more open, more alive and more affectionate.

It was like their love connection had deepened and become stronger like never before.

She has a brand new relationship with Tom now.

Stronger and more secure than ever before.

A relationship where he always thinks about her, puts her first, and never lets her down.
How did Melissa win Tom’s undying devotion?
Let me explain…

As Melissa’s mind raced with worry and upset... I had an unexpected light bulb moment…

Throughout Melissa’s sobs and tears… as she told her story… I knew exactly what to do.

I had heard her story many times before from hundreds of women I coached.

There was a hidden cry for help in Tom’s behavior.

I had seen it in the business world when relationships had broken down… and I’d seen it in my research when trying to fix my own relationships with men.

I shared this secret with Melissa…
What happened next was nothing short of astounding…
No sooner had Melissa followed my instructions and communicated with Tom the way I taught her… he contacted her.

He had to meet that night.

There was a sense of urgency in his voice.

Later that night they met.

He told her he felt he could not be happy without her.

There was sincerity in his voice she had never heard before.

They talked for many hours that night.

They are still together and growing in love and understanding with each other to this day.
Here’s the BIG takeaway from Melissa’s story…
If you’re not getting the love and connection with your soulmate in your life… it’s not your fault…
The truth is, unless you understand the hidden unconscious desire in every man’s mind... that makes him commit when you fulfill it… It’s often impossible to connect with him deeply and get him 100% devoted to you and you alone.

Without knowing how to trigger this desire…

Your life can be doomed to desperation and unintentionally pushing men away.
  • Guys leaving as soon as you become intimate with them.
  • Guys not giving you the devotion you deserve.
  • Guys not committing to you.
But when you know how to trigger this primal desire in any man…

There is real depth to the love and devotion he will feel for you.
I call this hidden desire that makes men devoted, committed, and practically infatuated with you…
The Superman Switch
(And any woman can trigger it to make any man fall deeply in love with her)
Here’s how it works...
Every man has a desire to please you and be appreciated for his efforts to please you.

He wants to be your hero.

It’s built into every man.

When he feels appreciated… it grows – almost like magic.

When he feels appreciated - he wants to give of himself.

… Making sure you are taken care of.

The more he feels appreciated… the more he wants to give.

It’s hard wired into his nature.

He aches to feel like he’s winning you over and you appreciate it.

When you trigger this ‘superman switch’ the right way… with the right kind of appreciation…

… Your relationship takes on a whole new deeper meaning to him.

He will be obsessed with you and only you.

All other women and past relationships will fade into the past and seem meaningless.

His desire for you will skyrocket.

This desire has been talked about before.
I can’t take all the credit for this secret male obsession that makes a man commit to you forever…
When I looked back into my psychology degree many years ago. When I dusted off the books… I saw there was one man who gave me the basis for my theory on how to trigger ‘the superman switch’ to attraction.

Carl Jung, who worked with Sigmund Freud, made this need to be appreciated a core part of his relationships theory.

He referenced it in his work…
A Glimpse into the Labyrinth of Relationships
~ C.G.Jung ~The Red Book Reflections
He talked about how the need to feel appreciated and feel like ‘the hero archetype’ was  more powerful than any other desire driving a man.

Even more powerful than sex.

The hero in a man is ‘The warrior, crusader, rescuer, superhero, the soldier, dragon slayer, the winner and the team player’ according to Jung.
Jung said… ‘The hero in a man seeks to feel as strong and competent as possible.’

Knowing how to trigger this hidden subconscious instinct is the key to winning a man’s devotion and undying love forever.
Any woman can trigger this ‘hero instinct’, and feel the unwavering devotion from a man - regardless of her looks, body shape or personality.

Men are motivated by the desire to be your ‘hero’ or your ‘superman’.

And to be appreciated for playing that role.

This is where they are more motivated by doing for you and feeling appreciated-more than anything else.

This is the number one attraction trigger in a man that gets him to devote himself to you and only you.

It’s the deepest need of any man.

This is the desire you will be triggering in the higher quality men you attract.

In this realm - men enjoy giving more than receiving. They do things because they want to, not because they are supposed to.

In this realm - they don’t love you because you’re beautiful, but you are beautiful simply because they love you.

This is where love songs are written, selfless acts are committed, and men show their true human nature.

This is where they truly commit to you and you alone and…
You become a man’s obsession by satisfying this one need…
And you don’t need to compromise yourself in any way to trigger this obsession in a man.

In other words- you become his obsession by letting him please you.

And when you flick this ‘Superman Switch’:
  • He feels in love by feeling like he’s winning you.
  • He falls in love with you over and over again.
  • Past relationships seem meaningless to him.
  • His desire for you soars.
  • He cherishes you, loves you and understands you like never before.
Women who have activated this instinct in their man get the…
  • Long conversations.
  • Intimate gestures.
  • And deep connections they were looking for.
The signals that turn on his ‘superman switch’ are empowering for women.

They need to get out to the world.

So you may be wondering…
Who do these signals work on?
The answer is… it can work on distant boyfriends, emotionally-unavailable husbands, and even ex’s who won’t give you the time of day.

The real life success stories are incredible.

It works on the most hopeless of relationships.

Women who have discovered these signals and use them - have men in their lives who:
  • Have powerful desires for them.
  • Work to earn their love.
  • Prove their devotion.
  • Give romance that lasts a lifetime.
You will skip all the games, frustration, and heartaches, and you will connect to a man’s heart… and get his love and attention forever.

You will have the connection and romance you crave.

He will hang on every word you say.

He won’t be able to wait to see you again.

You will experience an incredible spark of chemistry.

Does that sound good to you?

If so… you may well be a candidate for my new course…
The Superman Switch
The Superman Switch is a series of HD videos you can watch from any device designed to show you how to trigger this ‘Superman Switch’ in any man to make him devote himself to you and only you.

The course is split into 3 days.

Here is just some of what you will discover inside:
Day 1 - ‘Superman Switch’
Here you will discover some of the following…
  • Inner dialogue secrets for becoming irresistible to ANY man overnight (even if you think he’s way out of your league)
  • ​The real secret of attraction and how to get it now.
  • ​Little known unstoppable ‘attraction drivers’ that no relationship coach will tell you about.
  • The single critical key you need to attract and maintain love in your life from a man… instantly become more alluring than any other women in his life.
  • What masculine souls are really attracted to… knowing this will reframe how he pictures you in his life instantly… so he becomes devoted to you and only you.
  • The most attractive hidden asset you possess to attract and keep a man devoted to you in today’s world.
  • Why we often forget our ‘hidden feminine advantage’ to attracting and keeping a great man and how to remedy that immediately.
  • How to get him to adore only you… and put up a fight for you.
  • 3 Sure fire ways to control what you put out so you can control what kind of man you attract.
  • How to tap into what a man loves you for… this is the secret currency of happy relationships.
  • Why doing what you love attracts more men… more than anything else.
  • Why you need to forgive anyone in the past that hurt you. Research has shown this forgiveness cuts rates of separation in half.
  • How to open the door to let love come in… Even if you’ve been single for a long time or think all the good men out there are taken.
  • The 3 aspects to showing your feminine self that attracts a great man and makes him scared to leave you.
  • How to remind yourself of your ‘feminine court advantage’… So he sees you in a new light and never wants to even look at another woman again.
  • Very simple tactics for learning how to love yourself- the exact list you need to make.
  • Why finding your values and sharing them with him… will make you more attractive to your man than you could ever imagine and how to find those values.
  • Who you need to give your attention to the most to make a man see you as the only one in his life.
  • The 4 things to talk about to attract the partner you want.
  • How to develop the most attractive of traits that drive men wild with desire and obsession about you and make them fear ever losing you.
Day 2 - ‘Superman Switch’
  • The vital importance of ‘Action Over Attitude’ when it comes to creating 100% devotion in any man…and exactly what action you need to take.
  • ​How to Create the Chase…where men pursue you and can’t get you off their mind day and night.
  • ​The secret of showing him What He’s Missing and how he won’t be able to get enough of you once he sees it.
  • The insider secrets for how our feminine energy really attracts men. Discover how to harness this energy today. Stops men disappearing on you when you show too much interest.
  • How to recognize your ‘dual energy’ to attract your soul mate quickly and easily. 
  • Why you should always let him compliment you…He’ll see you as his only confidant.
  • Why you need to be soft in your delegations to attract and keep the right man for you.
  • How to make him feel like he has succeeded in his efforts to look after you. This makes a man see you as the goddess you are that he wants to commit to forever.
  • The 3 little words that make men feel amazing... so he never ignores you ever again.
  • How to create incredible levels of intimacy... that create an unbreakable relationship.
  • The kind of energy and touch that reminds him how strong he is... men go wild for this in a woman.
  • How knowing what masculine energy loves to do can create a super committed loving relationship for you.
  • How to gain incredible levels of intimacy by getting him to ‘feel’ with you.
Day 3 - ‘Superman Switch’
  • How to trigger his ‘Hero Instinct’ instantly with practically no effort.
  • ​Two Important Truths you need to understand about men to get them to commit instantly and never think of another woman EVER again.
  • ​The Underlying ‘hidden Dance’ that governs white hot levels of attraction and how to tap into that today.
  • Get to know the kind of woman who is irresistibly attractive to men… so a man never disappears again after you’ve opened your heart to him.
  • How to get yourself into a happy mood instantly... so your mood becomes magnetic for men.
  • How to leave him wanting more… so he can’t wait to see and talk to you again.
  • There’s nothing more attractive than a happy, light-hearted soul… discover how to show this side of you instantly.
  • The simple little tip to shining with radiance and confidence so he completely re-frames how he sees you in his life.
  • The simple little decision you need to make to get more attention from any man.
Captivating ANY man and making him fall deeply in love with you and only you is as easy as…
Step 1: Just sit back and listen
That’s all it takes…
Just sit back and listen, and discover how to activate
The Superman Switch’ in any man’s mind.
Without any real effort on your part - you will find your ability to attract and captivate any man growing rapidly from day one.
Step 2: Let the ability to flick on The Superman Switch in any man become second nature to you
Before you know it... you will be able to activate
The Superman Switch in any man you set your sights on…Creating deep levels of attraction at will.
Step 3: Notice the amazing results in your love life:
Women have reported amazing results from listening to The Superman Switch recordings. They have noticed the interest from their romantic partners skyrocketing and getting more attention and devotion than ever before in their lives.
Here’s what some clients are saying about this life changing course…
“With prior relationships and bringing kids into the mix, we struggled to find balance in our own romance and blended family. This course helped me understand what we both needed to launch our future together.”
  Christine S, Raleigh, NC - Engaged ♥️
“My relationship was stuck - there just wasn’t any sign that we were moving forward. This course showed me how to regain my power, and now we are in a solid, committed relationship with definite future plans. Thank you, Nico!”
Julianne R., Newtown Square, PA
“Nico is the light in the darkness - her course gives easy to follow steps on what to do and what not to do to have the relationship you want. She is compassionate and supportive, and it shows in her courses. Bottom line, her strategies work. I’m proof of that!”
Lauren V., Los Angeles, CA
Consider it all...
Imagine your new life when you know how to trigger a man’s ‘superman switch’ to get him to commit to you and only you…

Knowing how to trigger a man like this is the key to you…
  • Being the most important person in his life.
  • Having him thinking about you all day long.
  • Having him commit to you and only you.
  • Having the key to unlocking true love.
  • Never laying awake at night worrying.
  • Having him do the chasing, while you enjoy knowing where you stand with him.
  • Being the most magnetic woman in the room.
There’s no price on the ability to find confidence and secure love…
Women have paid up to $1500 for one hour of coaching with me personally to help them find and attract their ideal man.

I thought I had to charge at least the price of a single coaching session for this course.

However, I don’t want the price tag to put you off and let the happiness of a loving long term relationship slip through your fingers.

So for that reason, I came up with just $27 USD as your investment here today for getting access to The Superman Switch Recordings.

Just one small payment of $27 USD today for access to all the love and attention you desire.

… All the devotion and commitment you could ever want from the man of your dreams.

Just hit the instant access button below right now and get access to The Superman Switch immediately.
Act now before it’s too late
I provide full support for any questions or queries you have about "The Superman Switch" course.

For that reason… I have to limit the numbers here of people who can join this program.

If you do not act today, this page and offer may well be gone at another date.

Do not let that happen.

Act now while you have the chance.
Do not spend another minute without the attention, priority, and love you deserve.
You were not meant to spend your life single and alone.

… OR in a relationship that doesn’t fill you with joy and fulfillment.

Not when there is so much more that awaits you.

Why spend your time struggling with unsatisfactory relationships and heartbreak when there simply is no need.

Hit the instant access button below right now and start to attract the love of your life today.

You’ll be glad you did.

And remember.

You risk nothing here.
Without this information… your relationship can be an uphill battle…
Without this information – your relationships may constantly be an uphill battle.

Men are wired to lose interest, and ultimately think about leaving.

Unless you know how to trigger the adoring infatuation he felt when he met you first…

Unless you know how to get man emotionally addicted to you…

Chances are…

He’ll always wonder if the grass is greener.

Remember… If he’s not thinking about you… he’s probably thinking about someone else.
Nico, I want to finally be able to attract the love and devotion from the man of my dreams that I always wanted!
  • I understand I will gain immediate access to all The Superman Switch video recordings immediately for triggering the little known male obsession for devotion and commitment to me.
  • I understand these recordings are a vital step on the path to attracting my loving soul mate... 
  • I understand I can watch these recordings immediately and start to benefit straight away.
  • Finally I understand this course may only be available at the low launch price for a limited period only.   
And don’t worry… you get a risk free guarantee here. In fact… It’s…
Better Than a Risk Free Guarantee
If you’re not convinced… beyond a shadow of a doubt… that my program is everything I say it is… a potently effective formula for manifesting the relationship of your dreams in the shortest possible time, after trying it for a full 60 days, then I insist you get a full refund.

And the course is yours to keep no matter!

So this is a better than a risk free guarantee!

There will be no hard feelings and we can still be friends. I trust that these ‘powerful attraction triggers’ will work for you, so much so, you will find it impossible to take me up on my guarantee.

Hit the button right now and let’s get started.
PS Remember, you can preview the entire course for 2 months month, risk FREE. If within that time you decide it isn’t for you, simply return it, and you won’t owe us a cent. I can’t be any fairer.

PPS Think about what it will cost you if don’t take action, if you don’t order my course. What impact will that have on your life? Where will you be in one month… 3 months… 6 months… even one year? You know where, don’t you? In the same frustrating and miserable place you are now. Is that what you want? Of course not. Remember, nothing happens until YOU make a decision.

Go ahead, click the order button below now. Remember, you have a full TWO MONTHS preview of the course at MY EXPENSE. You have no risk.
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